The 10 Juice Diet Recipes For Weight Loss


There is one thing millions of people can agree on, and that is…

Losing weight is tough but trying to keep it off is very challenging.

You might have tried many weight loss systems or “secrets” but at the end of the day you want a safe and powerful plan that works.

So instead of using weight loss pills and fad diets, why not try something better?

Something that’s proven over and over to work. Something that will give your body vitamins, minerals and some live enzymes.

We’re not talking about some so called fresh orange juice that you would buy from the Walmart Shelf.

It’s about drinking fresh juice extracted from a juicer. When you do this properly you are bound to lose weight.

Juice diet recipes for weight loss might be one of the best things you can ever do for your body!

The 10 Juice Diet Recipes For Weight Loss



If you’re looking for a very powerful green juice recipe for weight loss and energy than this is your golden ticket.

That is because the greens provide much-needed energy while the other ingredients will provide fiber for cleansing action.



3 handfuls of spinach

1 green apple,

2 large stalks of kale

1/2 cucumber


Directions: Make sure the ingredients are prepared and ready to be placed in the juicer. The spinach and kale should be added first and then you add the cucumber and apples.



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