5 Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer You Cannot Afford To Ignore 2018


According to a study conducted in England, 1 in every six women in the US is reporting a breast cancer symptom to their doctor. It’s usually noticeable if you have a lump in the breast and you know that something bad is cooking right there.

However, the breast cancer symptoms are not always coming in the form of a lump. Lots of women started visiting their doctors for a regular checkup and found out that they have a breast cancer.
This came unexpectedly as they didn’t know how to notice the symptoms that probably show the appearance of breast cancer in the early stages.

It’s highly IMPORTANT for all women to see this and remember the signs of breast cancer to seek medical help first. Here are the five warning signs all of you should know

signs of breast cancer


There are situations where the breast cancer spreads to the lungs. This leads to persistent coughing and hoarse throat.
Statistics say that 60-70% of all cancer patients metastasizes to the lungs which cause a dry cough and shortness of breath.


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